Trapped in their own game;Frustrated Bollywood actors hit back at Shefali Vaidya

So, here it is: A 8 yr old minor was raped and killed by some anti social elements in J&K, news went viral and suddenly the entire media and some section of the bollywood woke up to this news in horror ,as if this is the first ever such crime in India.

As things heated up, they started this placard protest, putting derogatory messages against Hindus and Hinduism, saying a minor was raped in “devi-sthanam” etc although nothing of that sort ( was raped inside temple) of it is yet to be confirmed by the investigative agencies.

So who are these bollywood actors? 1)Kareena Kapoora 2) Swara Bhasker 2)Sonam Kapoor, and what are they up to? They have an upcoming movie Veere Di Wedding which is produced by Sonam’s sister Rhea Kapoor in association with Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Motion Pictures. and all of them are starring in the movie.

Generally, some of these bollywood folks would come up with breakup stories ,new boyfriend stories etc to promote their film,but this group chose to target Hindus/Hinduism.

So they thought that this rape incident is a great way to promote themselves ahead of the movie release,so they all started this campaign only to be busted by Shefali Vaidya ji


Shefali Vaidya ji called for boycotting all the movies by these B grade actors as it was very offensive to Hindus/Hinduism. Many tweeples came in support of Shefali ji and her appeal went viral,much viral than their placard gimmick.

Bingo!! their plan was averted, sensing that this has turned negative, B grade actors started attacking Vaidya ji for spoiling their cheap publicity stunts





We are proud of Shefali ji for spoiling their plan to defame india and Hindus in particular ahead of their film release. Well done madam.