SHOCKING:Farhan Akhtar comes out in support of Modi takes on congress and others

The Congress party and many others on Twitter posted pictures and/or clips of a younger Narendra Modi keeping the company of Asaram who was today found guilty of raping a minor.

The Congress captioned its undated photo and clips – in which Modi is seen paying obeisance to the man now convicted of rape – with the proverb: “A man is known by the company he keeps.”

The Congress followed tis tweet with another one, which listed a bunch of BJP politicians with derogatory statements about women they have purportedly made.



Surprisingly, bollywood director and actor Farhan Akhtar has criticized people for sharing many photos of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Asaram Bapu.

“So, Asaram is a child rapist. And he has been found guilty. Good. But can people please stop sharing images of him with PM Modi. Patronising him before he was exposed to be a pervert is no crime. Let’s be fair and give him the benefit of doubt that he, like us, did not know,” tweeted Farhan Akhtar on Wednesday.

This comes as shock as generally Bollywood is known to be anti Modi/BJP. But naturally this has not gone down well with congress media


Pro Congress Journalist Hartosh Singh Bal said “Much about Asaram was known if people were willing to listen. It is patronage such as this which kept the truth suppressed for much longer than it should have been.” Bal added that “Bollywood and politicians were patronising Ram Rahim well after everything was out.”