Sushma Swaraj ups the ante blocks nationalists and unblocks anti Hindu anti Modi Handles

After the Interfaith couple VISA issue exposed the callous attitude of the MEA ministry , Nationalists took to social media to vent their anger against Sushma Swaraj who heads the ministry.

Susham Swaraja and MEA ‘re very active in the social media responding to requests/help/queries form the citizens, and every-time they achieve something , Sushama swaraja used to get the full credit, going by the same logic , when Viaksh Misra was transferred based on a false complaint , twiteratii took out the frustration on her.

Susham Swaraj received barrage of abuses,trolls on her twitter handle but none of them came from learned/popular handles. all those who tweeted memes on her were from extremely insignificant handle. Instead of ignoring them, Sushma chose to retweet some of them which hardly had 100 followers

In the social media world trolling has become and no one would respond to trolls unless they seek some attention or have different agenda

Sushma went a step ahead and blocked several nationalist users who were neither abusive nor trolls, at the same time unblocked Parody twitter handls which ‘re anti Hidu and anti Modi abusive trolls,

This makes one curios as to what is the agenda of sushma Swaraj? clearly trolling was bad and abusive but they mostly came from insignificant users, and none of the prominent handles abuse her. on the other hand Modi recieves tons of abuses even form Journalists and popular handles but has never created so much fuzz.