Only Muslim and christian groups oppose move to decriminalize homosexual acts

Large number of people belonging to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community present in the jam-packed court No.1 of the Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday lapped up with glee each positive remark from judges hearing their pleas seeking scrapping of Section 377, which criminalized homosexual acts.

They had reason to cheer on day one of the landmark hearing, judges held that prima-facie SC’s 2013 verdict which declared homosexual acts a crime had certain flaws and observed “protection of sexual orientation lie at the core of our fundamental rights”. They also said the SC had earlier recognized the right to choose a partner and the partner can also be a same sex partner.

But Christian and Muslim organisations are already in a mood to spoil their party, vowing to oppose any move to legalise homosexual acts. The RSS has termed such acts as socially immoral and against the ethos of Indian culture but however is against criminalization.

The religious groups are unanimous that Indian society disapproved of homosexuality, no religion can approve it, and the Delhi High Court’s 2009 decision de-criminalising homosexual acts was based on “international trend and western influence”.

They argue that there is a vast cultural difference between India and other societies of the world.

“Homosexuality is an abomination as per the Bible. The act of sodomy, as per the Christian philosophy, faith, belief and sentiments of Christian religion as a whole is a most contemptuous sinful act,” said Manoj V George, lawyer for Apostolic Churches Alliance set to file a petition opposing the demand to scrap section 377.

AIMPLB member Sayyed Qasim Rasool Ilyasi, told Mail Today: “We will become a party in the case and oppose the plea. Homosexuality is unethical and is against all religious faiths. If it is legalised, it will create problems in society.”

Echoing the same sentiments, Maqsood Ul Hasan Qasmi, President of Imam Council of India “After some years we may find some people who want to do animal sex. Do we think it is their right to choose what they want? Will it be correct if some people demand to legalise it?

SC is hearing petitions filed by 32 individuals, including celebrities, IITians and LGBT activists for scrapping Section 377 of the penal code, a 149-year-old archaic law which criminalises homosexual acts and provides for a punishment of up to ten years in jail.