SHOCKING EXPOSE:Swamy should not speak in Rajya sabha; Gag order issued by this BJP leader

NEW DELHI: In Rajya Sabha Jaitely is leader of the BJP and he has issued orders that I(Dr Subramanian Swamy) cannot be allowed to speak in any debate on behalf of BJP. So ask Amit Shah. tweeted Dr Swamy.

Dr Swamy was responding to a question as to why he was not participating in debates in rajya sabha

Sir, watched you debating “Idea of India” with Pavan Verma, Jay Panda and another gentleman (I forgot his name, sorry for that). Excellent debate. I wish, you participate more often in such debates and discussions and also in Rajya Sabha. tweeted one user. In reply to this , Dr Swamy said there is a gag order against him.

Twitter users condemned BJP for not allowing Dr swamy to speak in Rajya Sabha.