Less than 48 hours; Hate Vajpayee campaign by congress/left leaning journalists peak

New Delhi:With less than 48 hours of the demise of sh Atal Bihari Vajapayee, former PM and the tallest leader of BJP, congress/left journalists started pouring hate on Vajpayee!!, almost instantly.

Leading the hate campaign is the well known anti modi anti Hindu website , the wire and their journalist.

Shibangi Sinha , editor at the propaganda site thewire.in erupted in joy right after the death of Vajapyee. She said “Vajapyee is finally dead”,indicating she just wanted Vajpayee to die , a death wish apparently.





Another hate monger and anti hindu journalist Anna M. M. Vetticad ,did not spare much time before going full on, spewing venom and abuse on Vajpayee. She called him a bigot,communal and what not, all withing 48 hours of the demise



Thewire website itself dint waste too much time in running hate campaign , it published article trying to show Vajapyee in poor light.This was retweeted by all congress loyalists and communists like Kavita Krishnana etc..,



Another  alt left fringe handle indiaexplained called Vajpayee a hate monger and said he doesnt deserve to be mourned a bit.




Rana Ayyub another Kashmiri muslim journalist agreed to the hate and spewed more hate.


There was so much hate by left/congress supporters in the social media , that it was difficult to scroll through the feeds.

Left/Congress ecosystem showed its true colors by spreading hate on the dead.,A statesman admired by billions of indians