EXCLUSIVE:Anti Modi Anti Hindu Villain Prakash Raj makes big entry politics ; People make fun of him

Known anti Modi anti Hindu Actor Prakash Raj announced on Tuesday that he will be contesting in the 2019 general elections. He will be contesting in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls as an independent candidate.

Sources close to Prakash Raj said he’s likely to contest from Karnataka.”Happy New Year to everyone…a new beginning…more responsibility…with your support I will be contesting in the coming parliament elections as an independent candidate. Details of the constituency soon. Ab ki baar Janatha ki Sarkar,” the actor said on Twitter.

Raj had earlier courted controversies for commenting on cow urine and cow dung. “You do not know about cows. You know about cow urine. If you want to wash your clothes, you need 1 kg cow dung and 2 litres of cow urine. You then need to mix all of this and wash your clothes. Why because, except for cow urine, you do not know anything else. So, do not give us this story,” he said.