Take Sonia into custody ; Dr Swamy roars!!!

After Enforcement Directorate has told the Patiala House Court that Christian Michel, who was extradited earlier in December, has named ‘Mrs Gandhi’. Speaking to Republic TV, BJP senior leader Dr Subramanian Swamy said that ‘these facts will come out as these are there in black and white in the Italian Court’.

“If you may recall, in 2016 when I spoke on behalf of the BJP on Agusta resolution or rather discussion at the time, I had mentioned this. He had very clearly mentioned that Sonia Gandhi doesn’t want to fly in these helicopters and she is looking to buy and she can be approached and her son is also influential so he can be approached. All this is there in the Italian Courts also but the Italian Court was concerned more about the Agusta officials prosecution than they were bothered about the Indian getting bribe. So, now we are taking up on all those and he is being cracked up on what’s called custodial interrogation. These facts will come out as these are there in black and white in the Italian Court”.

“It is very important to register a case against Mrs Gandhi and then interrogate her which is overdue. Whenever Sonia Gandhi went to London, she stayed at the residence of Christian Michel’s father and that is very well known. He himself said that there are a lot of pictures of Sonia Gandhi in his drawing room and mansion and he was a fixer. So, I don’t think there is any doubt. All we need is a what is known as the smoking gun and Christian Michel naming them is a smoking gun”, he added.

Dr Swamy calls for FIR on Sonia

Enough statements on Michele TDK relations. Let CBI now file a FIR naming her and then CBI summoning her for custodial questioning. She is a suspect in a cognizable offence
tweeted Dr Swamy



Dr Swamy has been pushing the government to crackdown on corrupt Gandhi family, Only time will tell whether the government responds positively or not