Nationalists kick out villain Prakash Raj from funeral of martyred soldier

Mandya, Feb 17: Well-known movie artiste,Anti hindu , anti modi  Prakash Rai, had visited the district to take part in the funeral of martyred soldier, Guru. During his visit to Mellahalli where the soldier was laid to rest, some nationalists thrashed Prakash Rai, it is said.

Rai, who was at the said village till the evening, addressed people who had gathered near K M Doddi. He told the people that whenever such attacks or atrocities happen, people should sink their differences and unitedly fight against evil forces. One of the persons from among the crowd questioned Rai about his double standards, pointing out that he speaks in favour of the soldiers when such incidents happen, and on other occasions, he keeps criticizing them.

Several others came in support of this man. Pandemonium prevailed for sometime thereafter. Some people who branded Rai as a traitor, expressed anger at his presence there, and physically attacked him. Prakash Rai, ell to the ground due to this sudden development.

Prakash was then safely led to his car and sent away. The police became mute spectators to the development which happened all of a sudden unexpectedly.