Imran Khan’s close aide and culture minister abuses Hindus worldwide and threatens to finish all

Pakistan:PM Imran khan’s close aide and The uninformed information minister from Punjab also seems to believe that Hindus only live in India.

“Hey you cow urine-drinking people, listen up,” he said at a recent press conference. He was presumably addressing India. “We are Muslims and we have a flag, the flag of Maula Ali’s (AS) bravery, the flag of Hazrat Umar’s valor (AS).”

You don’t have that flag, it isn’t in your hands, he said. What this flag has to do with anything is beside the point.

Don’t operate under the delusion that you’re seven times better than us, he added. He also told India, they also shouldn’t operate under the delusion that their “geography” is bigger than Pakistan’s. “What we have, you can’t have, you idol-worshippers,” he said in a video that has gone viral on social media.

What Mr Chohan seems to be unaware of is that at least 1.6% of Pakistan’s population is Hindu. In fact, Hinduism is the second largest religion in Pakistan.

According to an estimate by the Pakistan Hindu Council, there are more than eight million Hindus living in Pakistan. Most live in Sindh.

The PTI has at least seven Hindu members of the National Assembly and four minority members in the Punjab Assembly.