HILARIOUS: Shekhar Gupta justifies Rajiv Gandhi Holiday in INS,people hit back

Not even Sonia Gandhi would’ve came up with such Justification for corrupt practices of Family: @ShekharGupta says “All our PMs were either too old or Single; Rajiv Gandhi had family & modern elite yuppie lifestyle so he’s entitled to use #INSViraat wrote one twitter user in response to Shekhar Gupta justification on Raji Gandhi using INS

The latest in the long list of legacies that Rajiv Gandhi left for us is his now famous holiday in Lakshadweep, on a remote, uninhabited island. The details of the holiday, covered in some old news article are now for everyone to see. The then prime minister of India, a nation struggling with abject poverty, starvation, unemployment and a thousand other issues, took a significant chunk of its defence resources and put it to use for an idyllic vacation for his extended family and friends.

Shekhar Gupta has just given a masterclass on how to do that. One lesson that all the novices can use to learn from.