priyanka sharma’s big decision to take on mamata bannerji, more trouble for CM

“I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE. I have done nothing wrong, then why should I apologize? In fact, for comments if someone should be arrested then it should be Mamata Banerjee who daily abuses PM”.

What a spirited fight back by #PriyankaSharma – a fearless, young and righteous leader. said to the media today after release from the jail

The Supreme Court yesterday ordered her release, but she had to spend another night in jail as she was freed over 18 hours later – at 9:40 am today.

“I was tortured in jail. The jailor pushed me. They were very rude inside the jail and the general condition was also quite bad. They didn’t let me speak to anyone despite getting bail, didn’t let me speak to anyone for five days,” Ms Sharma, accompanied by her brother, told reporters today. “Water was a big problem inside the jail. There was no water in the women’s toilet. We talk about swachh Bharat (clean India) but there was no swachh inside the jail.”