Dr Swamy reply to Imran Khan is bomb

Dr Swamy is probably the most daring man in the current government when it comes to taking on Pakistan. Swamy ji has contantly adovated for splitting Pak into 4 parts. Swamy ji’s recent attacks om Pakistani PM Imran Khan is going viral. First he called him chaprassi, then dummy/tape recorder and now as PLAY BOY 🙂

Supporting the resolution on removal of Article 370 — that gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir — moved in the Upper House, Swamy also said that now there is nothing to mediate in the Kashmir issue for the US President Donald Trump except for him to tell Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to return the land taken illegally from India.

Imran Khan is nothing but a ‘chaprasi’ because the country (Pakistan) is run by the military, ISI and terrorists, and Imran Khan is just one of the ‘chaprasi’ of the government. He may be called the Prime Minister, but he is a ‘chaprasi’,” Swamy said while addressing a press conference here.


Imran Khan is a “tape recorder” of Pak military, no point in holding talks with him said Swamy

Swamy bombed Imran by callling him PLAYBOY while he was replying to a news article