Modi Craze expalined in 5 minutes :VIDEO

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched the Fit India Movement at Indira Gandhi Stadium in New Delhi. On the occasion of National Sports Day, PM Modi administered a fitness pledge to the people of the country.

Addressing the gathering at the Capital stadium, the Prime Minister urged all the citizens to inculcate a culture of fitness. Striking a cord with the younger generation, the Prime Minister said, “Whether it is the boardroom or Bollywood, whoever is fit touches the sky.

If the body is fit, the mind is hit.” Mentioning the country’s health statics, the Prime Minister said that diabetes and hypertension is increasing in India every day and is not even sparing the young too. Diabetes and hypertension prevalence is high in middle and old age across all geographical areas and socio-demographic groups in the country.

Forget all that and look at the non stop cheering for Modi, one of the greatestest world leaders