Dr Swamy’s reply to Deepika Padukone is cracking the internet

Most educated firebrand politician and BJP leader Dr Swamy has reacted to a question on Deepika Paukone joining JNU protests of the left terrorists, He questioned who is Deepika and said that he has no time for film actors

Dr Swamy has been advocating that Bollywood actors are controlled by Dawood gang and they are highly illiterates.

Reporter: Deepika Padukone went to JNU And she has supported Tukude Tukude Gang Dr Swamy: दीपिका पदकोने कौन है ?

Reporter : अभिनेत्री Dr Swamy: सिनमा वालों के क्या चिंता करना चाहिए

Swamy’s take on SRk and Dawood