MIND BLOWING: Ramayana serial re telecast creates history

The re-telecast of Ramayan appears to have yielded rich dividends for DD with the provisional numbers indicating a surge in viewership of the state-owned broadcaster.

The numbers, however, are provisional and are based on only the first two days of the telecast — Saturday and Sunday. The viewership figures for the week, which will reflect the growth in DD National’s viewership since the show began, will be released by BARC next Thursday.

The provisional figures revealed that the viewership for Ramayan peaked on Sunday evening, with figures touching 51 million (5.1 crore) viewers from 34 million (3.4 crore) viewers on Saturday morning when the first episode of the series was aired. The show was also the highest rated in urban areas, including the metropolis’.

The show garnered 45 million (4.5 crore) viewers on Saturday evening and 40 million (4 crore) viewers on Sunday morning.

In all, the four episodes of Ramayan on Saturday and Sunday garnered an average of 28.7 million ( 2.87 crore) impressions and 6.9 billion (690 crore) viewing minutes.

The data is for the Hindi speaking markets band.

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