What is reverse quarantine and how is it going to work in Indian scenario to keep spread of corona under check? All you want to know is here.
Reverse quarantine is the practice of isolating people who are most vulnerable from general public. People above the age of 65 years and having underlying medical conditions and those with compromised immunity are isolated in this programme. It is implemented through local bodies which are tasked with providing medicine, food, counselling and other assistance to those set to undergo reverse quarantine.
If this population contracts the virus it will overburden the healthcare system. People who are otherwise healthy and are with good immune system may become healthy carriers or get mild to moderate symptoms and will not require hospitalization and ventilators most of the time. Also reverse quarantine will drastically decrease the mortality rates of Covid -19 in the areas where it is implemented.
Those who are to be put under reverse quarantine include elderly people, persons in need of palliative care, cancer patients, people with caridac ailments, those who had undergone heart surgery or angioplasty, patients with respiratory illness or asthma, chronic disease patients and immunocompromised ones
— LSG Dept Directive
Wait! But does that mean we can let the non vulnerable population freely moving out and socializing? A big No! They have to be cautious and practice self isolation and social distancing, wash hands frequently and stay at home. Even if they get infected the speed with which they are going to spread the disease will be less compared to the other group.

Reverse quarantine is one of the models of selective quarantine which seems more feasible than the complete lockdown but the practicality of the method can only be assessed after its implementation somewhere. And yes this might save the economy too as it seems the lockdown has to continue for a long time much more than we are expecting.

Also we need to know about herd-immunity strategy introduced by John Borrison for UK. Herd immunity is the resistance to the spread of a contagious disease within a population that results if a sufficiently high proportion of individuals are immune to the disease.  When only the less vulnerable population gets the infection the population as whole will achieve herd immunity.

Since there have been cases of people getting infected twice by the virus, herd immunity strategy might not be effective but certainly reverse quarantine can decrease the mortality rates and also give some support to the falling down economy.

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