Disha Ravi and Osama had this thing in common: Left media

Left media is the most arrogant authoritative media we have today around the globe. If you are a terrorist,criminal but if you are left you wont be left behind.

If any terrorist is left leaning left media focusses more on the soft human side of the terrorist or criminal to make the crime look very small

Same goes with Disha ravi who consipired with Khalistanis and international celebrities to destabilize india. For all the questions raised they had one answer : “she is 21 years old”.

In the same lines as osama, left media also glorified her as soft spoken altthough the police have revelead how Disha ravi conspired with Khalistanis and Greta to destabilize india


But, in contrast if the accused is a muslim or left leaning they blame the victim

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