This is Why Rhino Horns are burnt in Assam

There are different kinds of Rhinoceros, the one-horned rhino ss a species that is native to Indian subcontinent. It is listed as Vulnerable . They are in decline due to human and livestock encroachment.

Apart from encroachement Poaching for rhinoceros horn has became the single most important reason for the decline of the Indian rhinoceros.

Around 2,500 rhino horns, which officials say was the world’s largest such stockpile, were burnt and destroyed in Assam’s Bokakhat on Wednesday to mark World Rhino Day . This is also done to discourage the myths that have propelled poaching of the endangered pachyderms.

Today is a historic day for Assam & India. We have taken an extraordinary step of burning stockpile of 2479 horns of single-horned Rhinos, first-of-its-kind globally in volume terms Wrote Mr Sharma CM of Assam

“Through this event, we want to convey to the world that…there is no medicinal value to them (rhino horns). We want to urge people not to kill these rare animals or buy their horns based on superstitions or myths. We should allow rhinos to live and grow naturally,” Sarma said.

This is well appreiated by environmentalists and animal lovers

Thank you Mr PM Modi for standing up for the planet and rhino species. We are proud to have you as our Prime minister.