When World sleeps, this man is working.

PM Modi visited the construction site of the new Parliament building in Delhi late Sunday evening. He wore a white kurta-churidar along with a safety helmet, he was seen inspecting the work-in-progress.

Several pics showed PM Modi doing the first-hand inspection of the construction status of the building which is being built at an estimated cost of ₹ 970 crore. The construction is expected to be completed by 2022.

PM’s visit to the site comes after he ended his 3 day trip to the United States which was packed with meetings as he attended 20 of them during the around 60 hours he spent in the country. He also had four long meetings in flights with officials on the way to and back from the US.

This is the Man who is working while the world is quiet asleep. And left liberals question this man . Mr Modi has dedicated his life to the country. I wonder how many of this left liberals were even awake after a long flight let alone working.

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